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Of course, every B2B marketer knows the value of business blogging. With good informative content, you can introduce potential customers to your website and company early in the purchase process. Also, Google values high-quality content and blog posts can create valuable backlinks. For a multilingual website, it is therefore a logical step to blog in multiple languages. In this article I will therefore give you 4 tips for translating business blog posts.

1. Do your keyword research in any language

If you also want to attract visitors via Google with the translated blog post, it is crucial to conduct a search term research in the target language. Simply translating the Dutch search terms can lead to the most important search terms in the target language not receiving enough focus or even being missed altogether.

2. Be mindful of the market

The market abroad can be completely different than in the Netherlands. There may be other competitors, there may be relevant differences in legislation or there may be different market dynamics for other reasons. For example, a Dutch B2B market can be very export-oriented, but the market for the same product in the United States can be completely domestic. Keep this in mind in the arguments and examples you use.

3. Different country, perhaps also a different proposition

In another country, a company's proposition may also be different. In the Netherlands, Dutch-speaking support can selling point are, but abroad you don't make much of an impression with this. In an informative blog post you will often find the selling points of the company and these can therefore differ per market and per language.

A company abroad can also serve a different target group. For example, we have a customer in the Netherlands that focuses on SMEs, but abroad on wholesalers and distributors. You naturally want to take all these things into account when translating your blog post.

4. Check your links

This sounds like a very logical point, but we have often experienced that the internal and external links in the translated blog post have not been adjusted. If you place external links to Dutch sources in your Dutch article, you will probably have to find a replacement source in the translated blog post.

The above points may play a role to a lesser or greater extent. For example, you will be able to translate some articles quite simply and other blog posts will not be a translation but more of a retranslation (or transcreation).

Do you outsource the translation to a certified translation agency? Then provide a good briefing about the market and target group you are targeting and any preferred terms with which you are familiar in the target language.

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