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For many companies, international success is the holy grail: an expansion to other countries to increase your sales market, turnover and profit. There is, of course, a lot to consider. In other countries, different rules and laws apply, logistics have to be set up, customer service needs to be expanded and you will of course have to find ways to address your new market. We'll go into that last point a little further here, because without good marketing, the chances of a successful expansion are slim.

There are of course different ways to set up an international marketing campaign. The first method is to deploy a separate team for each market, which is specialized in that market and region. This is often the most effective method, because campaigns are adapted to local preferences and context and can quickly respond to hypes in the market and media. On the other hand, this quickly becomes a very expensive approach, because hardly any material is shared between markets and unique campaigns are developed for each market. For many companies this quickly becomes inconvenient and fortunately it can be done more efficiently.

The more markets you serve your business, the more interesting a marketing strategy with one campaign, translated into multiple languages, becomes. This has several advantages:

  • you save double work in the strategy and design phases,
  • your message is the same everywhere and
  • your brand identity is identical in all markets.

Here's what you can do for you have marketing texts translated by a service provider that specializes in this, so that you can be sure that the translated campaigns also meet all quality requirements. Such a translation agency deploys marketing experts for each translation who know exactly what works and what does not work in their specific language area. If there is a good reason to adapt a certain aspect of a campaign in their market, they will also indicate this: after all, they also benefit from a satisfied customer. So you benefit from economies of scale by setting up campaigns centrally, but there is still a check that prevents unintended missteps.

In order for a company to really break through internationally, it pays to look for a partner who can translate your marketing campaigns. In the long run, this results in significant savings, while quality is still guaranteed with the right partner. There is also a good chance that such an extension will also require translation of other types of text, such as legal and financial documents. It can therefore be interesting to have your marketing texts translated at an agency that can also handle these other texts, in order to keep the business operations as clear as possible.

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok through Pexels

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