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It has also been known for a long time in B2B: email is the online channel with the highest ROI. According to the Response Rate Report 2017 According to the American Data & Marketing Association, the ROI of e-mail with an average of 122% is about four times higher than the ROI of social media or direct mail. The only condition is that you set up your email marketing properly. Preferably with personalized and segmented mail campaigns. And - the right message to the right person at the right time - works much better if you CRM links to your ESP.

No more manual Excel imports

Suppose you work with Archie, Microsoft Dynamics, FunnelCRM, Salesforce or another CRM package and that you also use an Email Service Provider (ESP) -for example GetResponse or Spotler – with which you send mailings. You then have two different systems on which contact details are kept. As a result, you regularly have to export and import data - manually and often via Excel lists. This is error prone and takes a lot of time.

If you want to save time and prevent errors, connect both systems. This creates a powerful combination that enables (near) real-time synchronization of both systems.

Trigger great email campaigns

Once the link is ready, a high ROI from your email marketing is within reach. Suppose: your sales department puts a checkmark next to 'subscribe to newsletter' on a customer contact card in your CRM system. A link makes it possible to automatically start a welcome campaign. And of course: this also applies to sending e-mails in which customers are invited to events, to participate in surveys and with which they can request white papers and brochures, for example. Always handy when you are at a trade fair or conference. You can thus 'continue' customer conversations online with a professional email campaign.

And it doesn't just have to be manual actions by the CRM user. Campaigns can also be automatically triggered by changes in the customer contact cards of your CRM system.

Enrich your CRM with important email data

But of course you also want to see the response to sent forms or the mail history of contacts. This is also all possible with a link.

All basic mail statistics can be retrieved: number of mailings sent, number of openers, number of click-throughs and number of bounced addresses. And sometimes a link makes it possible to see exactly which contacts have received which type of mailing, who opened when and which contacts clicked on trackable links.

A link makes it possible that your CRM is enriched with important data about the mailing behavior of your contacts.

Timely communication at your fingertips

And an enriched CRM database is especially in the B2B a gold mine. After all, in B2B there are more often lengthy purchasing and decision-making processes than in B2C. If you can connect to this with beautiful lead nurturing email campaigns, you will make many prospects happy. With a link, marketers, account and sales managers are able to trigger triggers from the CRM software at any time, after which emails are automatically sent.

Benefits not only for prospects apply, but also for customers. This way you can draw the attention of customers to the expiry of the warranty period of their product and the option to extend this period. For this you can also set up from your CRM that -for example- an email is sent 18 months after purchase. Customers greatly appreciate this form of communication and it is obviously good for your organization.

To cite one more example: support in the use of your products. Based on the contract date, you can trigger a life cycle campaign from your CRM in which it is explained in a series of emails how the product can be used. Information that helps customers get started and that they always receive at the right time.

Again: with a link between your CRM and your e-mail tool you can send the right message to your customers and prospects at the right time.

Download white paper

Not convinced yet? Spotler, supplier of the e-mail tool MailPlus, has published a nice white paper in which all the advantages of a sync are described and explained. Download it white paper Get more out of email with a CRM link.

crm and email whitepaper download

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