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SUPER! You are considering blogging for We are happy with that because that's what is all about; sharing information and insights about b2b marketing. We often receive questions about the delivery of articles. Some tips for submitting articles for

Delivery specs

  • Submit the item as Word documentΒ or in a e-mail. So not through a .pdf. Send it to:
  • You can send images, can also take care of them. If you send images, make sure that they can be placed royalty-free. Send them along separately, not glued in a Word document for instance.
  • Send a bio-text incl. link to website or Linkedin profile
  • The image accompanying the author bio is automatically retrieved via Gravatar. So always send an e-mail address of the author

Editorial formula

There are three points within the editorial formula against which articles are assessed:

1. Substantive connection with b2b marketing
Visitors to expect content that matches the B2B Marketing Professional. Articles are therefore also tested against this. Various topics are interesting: Social Media, Content Marketing, ABM, SEO, Marketing Automation, Marketing Operations, the relationship between Sales and Marketing, you name it! Nothing is to crazy; if relevant for the B2B Marketing Professional.

2. Quality
Articles must be of a certain quality level. Well, exactly what that level is is difficult to quantify and is a matter of the carpenter's eye of the author and the editors.

3. Unique item
The article is the first to be offered and placed on If an article has already appeared on a website or blog, we will not post it. Readers of are used to unique content. Posting the article later on other websites is of course no problem.

Tip: read this checklist before submitting the article:Β

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