Marketing Software and tooltips for the b2b marketer

The marketer cannot do without marketing software and tools. On you will find the right marketing tooltips to make your work easier. In this section we will look for smart tools to support your (online) marketing efforts. By marketing software we mean a wide range of products, mainly SaaS. Think of Marketing Automation Software, CRM software, Email marketing tools, SEM (SEA and SEO) tools and Social Media Management. 


The following tools are covered on b2b


Email Marketing & Automation

Marketing Automation

A complete Marketing Automation, e-mail marketing and CRM tool that is very user-friendly. Can be used for SME and Enterprise, for a very friendly price. 


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Marking Automation

One of the most widely used email marketing tools in the world. Excels in ease of use and is known for its personal email templates. 




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Marketing Automation

GetResponse is a must for email marketing. This accessible tool is growing rapidly in the number of users and is very well put together. The tool comes with a lot of standard templates, offers possibilities for landing pages and automatic workflows.

It is affordable and easy to use. 

hubspot crm logo

Marketing Automation

One of the first Marketing Automation tools with a very clear inbound marketing vision. The number of users has grown rapidly and for good reason. Recently HubSpot also dived into the world of CRM, a smart move!


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Project Management Software

Project Management

A versatile project management tool used by many marketing agencies. 



Project Management

One of the most widely used email marketing tools in the world. Excels in ease of use and is known for its personal email templates. 

Project Management

Asana is one of the most widely used project management tools for Agile teams worldwide with many possibilities for marketing project management and administration.

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SEO, SEA & Social

SEMrush - SEO & SEA

Want to quickly check the position of your website compared to the competition on the most important keywords? Or go in-depth with analyzes on keywords, backlinks and other relevant SEO issues for your website? With a tool like SEMrush, that's child's play. This is one of the largest, best-known tools in this field. And with the availability of a free trial variant, definitely worth exploring!


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Stencil - Social Media Creation

A lightning fast way to generate or edit social media images with quotes, emoticons and filters is through tools like Stencil. A nice fast tool with many possibilities. By linking to Buffer (a kind of SocialPilot, also very cool) you can also quickly schedule and post them.



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SocialPilot - Social Media Management

SocialPilot is a tool for monitoring, setting up, scheduling and sending Social Media messages. It is next to Buffer and Houtsuite one of the best in that area. 






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CRM, Lead Generation & Webinar Tools

offorte -
quote software

Create quotes in slick style and increase your chances of scoring with Offorte. This is a powerful tool to help sales win contracts. 


Pipedrive - CRM

A solid, stable and very user-friendly tool for freelancers, small and medium-sized businesses. 

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Online Success -
Website visitor tracking Website

Online Success is a tool for identifying leads who visit the website. With this very user-friendly software you can discover, warm up and convert new leads and sales opportunities. 

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GoToWebinar - Webinar software

Webinars have now become commonplace in B2B marketing. GoToWebinar is a tool that I have a lot of experience with and am pleased with. It was given a new look not too long ago.

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CMS & Website Tools

elementor - wordpress editor

Those who use WordPress websites will almost always benefit greatly from elementor. This is a visual page builder with a lot of possibilities that you can design almost any type of page with, without knowledge of HTML. - hosting

Good website hosting is the basis for a fast, successful website. If you are looking for an affordable hosting party with good service and many options, is the right place for you. For both simple wordpress implementations or complex website with another cms; is a solid party (incl. Dutch support). 


Shopify - eCommerce software

The number of online stores in B2C and B2B is still increasing. Good e-commerce software for building a solid, stable and secure online store is indispensable. One of the most used tools to launch an online store in no time is Shopify. 

The tool I am working on a lot this month and will appreciate more and more is the Dutch WebinarGeek. A fresh, smart tool for delivering live webinars and very strong in using recorded webinars. Go check it out, also with free trial version 

Even more marketing software & tools!

Website Analysis – Hubspot Marketing Grader

An alternative to Woorank to analyze your site for Google friendliness based on an extensive number of factors. And the entry-level option is simply free. Ideal for a quick scan of your site. You immediately put your finger on the sore spot. Pay attention; it's just a tool that shows a lot of data using estimates. So do not assume 100% from 1 tool.

Buyer Persona Tool – webs

A handy tool for the b2b marketer to put together a Buyer Persona. The tool helps you on your way. You will still have to do your own research and put yourself in the shoes of the Buyer Persona of course. But when you're ready, Webs' tool offers a useful tool for setting up your Buyer Persona in a structured way.

Content Tool – Copyscape

Google is a strict party that increasingly punishes behavior. Duplicate content for example. And outside of Google, it is also nice to know what is happening with your content online. There are plenty of tooltips to gain insight into this, I am a fan of Copyscape. A simple tool that immediately shows who is using your content.

SEO Tool: Page Rank Checkers

A tooltip to support your SEO activities: Pagerank Checker. Your page rank depends on the keyword combination. If you are logged in to Google (because you are messing around in your analytics or adwords) and enter a search query, Google will show different results than if you are not logged in. You will see that your own url scores higher than when you are logged out. That is why it can be useful to use a pagerank checker. I find this pagerank checker quite accurate

Social Media Check – The Social Media Check

This “social media check” tool gives you 1 overview and the 'talk' about your brand. You can see the individual messages from social media sources such as Twitter, Hyves and Facebook in an overview. The tool shows which source is most represented on the basis of graphs. You can also subscribe to a periodic e-mail with a report. 1 minus point; Google+ isn't in it yet.

Password tool – KeePass

Never forget your passwords again with KeePass. A tool that is increasingly needed in the online explosion of profiles. How many login details do you have and where are you going to store them? With a tool like KeePass you can keep a grip on your online login details and you don't have to worry about them falling into the hands of third parties.

HTML Color – Color Scheme Designer       

Remotely the tip of the tooltips! A wonderful tool to play with; who doesn't like to play with color. A tool as tools are meant to be, and: Free!!

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Do you have any good tool tips that you are very pleased with, pass them on or blog about them on the site!

How do you choose the right marketing software tools?

For online marketing, content marketing, copywriting, marketing management, marketing strategy and all those other subdomains, tools are available to make work easier. However, marketing tools are not sacred. A well-known rule in the software world still applies: garbadge in is garbadge out. No matter how good and complete your toolset is, the success of your marketing depends on what you do with the marketing software. Without a rock-solid white paper, a download flow with automated e-mails is not worth much. Without good data, a CRM System is worthless and without the right content production efforts, an SEO analysis is of little use. How do you choose the right marketing software? That depends on a number of factors; the specific marketing objectives, the maturity of the marketing organization, the budgets, the size of the organization, the software architecture that already exists, legal constraints, language preferences and personal preferences.

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