A salesman storms into the marketing department


Structural lead generation vs ad-hoc sales campaigns

A salesman storms into the marketing department: β€œMen, drop everything you're doing! These 20 companies are in the market! They suddenly joined forces and will make a joint choice within now and 2 months. I want to sit at the table with all these companies, GO!”.

The marketing department gets to work and starts enriching the database. The 20 companies concerned are looked up in the current database. Some of the 20 are known, but just to be sure, everything is re-enriched. And; the e-mail addresses are also traced. Together with the permanent marketing agency, the department devises a creative campaign because sales must be at the table! It may cost something, after all, it is a small, defined target group with a uniform challenge; a marketers' dream! Especially because a budget is freed up of 3 figures per prospect. Through mailers with a bulge, emails and of course a follow-up action, leads are generated. The salesman can hit the road. Marketing continues with a sense of satisfaction with the day-to-day business, but first clearing the rubble.

The marketer who bites through


What actually happened here? Didn't the marketing department forget to ask some questions? For example: why don't we know all these companies? And more importantly, why don't they know us? If they are apparently in the market, why haven't they knocked on our door to ask if we want to participate in the selection process? We have an ongoing lead generation campaign, right? Are the companies of the relevant sales campaign not in the focus target group? If not, do these companies fit with our organization and the services/solutions we provide? And can't we learn something from this? Shouldn't we be fine-tuning our current campaigns and also focus on purchasing organizations, for example?

Important questions, because every ad-hoc and guerrilla action, no matter how nice, disrupts the well-thought-out marketing agenda. In addition, they are generally effective, but not efficient. We stop the presses and all attention goes to this action. In addition, the costs per lead are often high.

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As fun and effective as they are, we prefer to avoid ad-hoc actions and score enough leads through our well-thought-out, ongoing lead generation campaigns. Because only then can we guarantee continuity, predictability and full market focus in an efficient way at the lowest cost per lead.

How do you experience this in practice?

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For inspiration and entertainment; a video about sales and leads.


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