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online marketing trends 2020 video

The end of an eventful year is in sight. A great moment to look back at what this year had to offer in terms of marketing. What were the online marketing trends of 2020? And to what extent did the pandemic affect the trends?

Video content still hot: live videos even hotter

Video content has been on the rise for several years now. Video seems to be outperforming other forms of content. The computer screen simply does not lend itself well to large pieces of text, while a video does look nice. Social video would be no less 1200 percent more shares then generate text and images together. Companies are certainly eager to make use of video content: 64 percent of consumers more likely to buy a product after watching a video. A missed opportunity as a company not to focus on video content. 

Although the rise of videos was initiated several years ago, it has not yet reached its peak. In 2020 there was still room for growth. Live video continues the trend and in turn seems to be gaining popularity again from regular videos. The corona crisis has further underlined the value of live videos. During the first lockdown, the number of live streams increased enormously and were watched en masse. The cause can be guessed, but it is expected that live streams will remain a popular marketing tool after the corona era.

Searches via voice search

Speaking instead of typing may not have grown as big as some might have expected, but it is slowly gaining ground. More and more people see benefits in voice search. As a company, it is therefore useful to also take speech-based search amount into account. The expectation is that more and more searches will come via voice search. In fact, experts think this will prevail in the future.

A stronger focus on local

2020 was a very bad year for the travel industry. Long journeys were out of the question and not much was possible in Europe either. This year there was therefore a strong focus on local marketing. Local marketing campaigns were more important than ever this year. Google contributes to this by introducing local functionalities, which make a local marketing strategy even easier.

Local marketing should not only consist of advertisements aimed at the target group in the area, but also of providing the right information. This is essential in these uncertain times. Is the company open and if so, what are the opening hours? And what measures are being taken to combat the coronavirus outbreak? Always keep your target group informed, there is a great need for this.

Marketing even more automated

Marketing gets a little further every year automated. This was the case in 2020 and will also be the case for 2021. More and more valuable tools are being added to serve this purpose. This allows a marketer or a internet marketing agency save a lot of time. Automating certain tasks leaves more time for the creative part.

TikTok's definitive breakthrough

Whether you are fanatic on TikTok or not, you have undoubtedly seen the videos of the medium often this year. And that in turn will partly have to do with the boredom that the quarantine brings. TikTok has been around for a while, but has thrived this year. Young people in particular seem to idolize the medium. This represents an online marketing opportunity for businesses. Not only is it possible to advertise on TikTok in different ways, various companies also have an account on the beloved social media channel. Certainly companies where young people are central should not skip TikTok in their marketing strategy.

Shopping on social media platforms

Physical stores have been attracting far fewer visitors for a number of years. The rise of the internet has reduced the need for it. Due to the corona virus, even fewer people went to physical stores this year. This year, many households were regularly waiting for a package that had been ordered online. Social media platforms did their best to respond to this. 

Photo by Donald Tong through Pexels

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