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Are you an entrepreneur and do you have a webshop or do you provide a service and do you want people to reach your website? Then it is wise to have the online marketing strategy in order. By using a number of handy strategies you can increase the online findability of your website. For example, think of online advertising (SEA) or improve organic findability with strong SEO-friendly texts. In this article we will help you on your way and share some useful tips.

Tip 1: The technique must be in order

In order for your website to end up higher in the search results of search engines, it is important that the technology of your website is in order. Compare it to the foundation of a house. Without a foundation, a house cannot be firmly anchored in the ground. This also applies to a website. If a website is not in order, for example due to too long a loading time, SEO-unfriendly URL structure, internal competition or is not user-friendly on every device, potential customers can drop out. This will also be taken into account by search engines and determine how important Google considers the web page.

Tip 2: Write rock-solid content

SEO texts should be written by and for people, and not for the search engine. The excessive use of keyword stuffing is therefore unacceptable and an absolute no-go. Keyword research forms the basis and is a good way to map out the right keywords for the web page you want to be found on. You can outsource this to a specialist, but you can also do it yourself! Take a look at the search results in Google Search Console. You can find out at a glance which search terms (both general keywords and long-tail keywords) people find your website for.

Finally, don't always be fooled by the keywords with high search volumes, because there is a good chance that your competitors are also focusing on these terms. It becomes a lot more difficult to get high in Google for a keyword with a lot of competition. This is in contrast to relevant long-tail keywords with low search volumes. That can be a quick win for your company in the short term!

Tip 3: Score quickly with online advertising

Becoming organically findable in Google is a long-term battle. You will have to spend a lot of time improving the website. That is why online advertising can offer a solution for companies that want to quickly create brand awareness in a relatively simple way. You can be directly at the top of the results, if you approach this in the right way. With online advertising it is possible to advertise very specifically based on intent, geographic and demographic data.

Good luck!

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