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Online marketing is a form of marketing in which online resources are used to bring products and services to the attention of prospects and customers. Online Marketing is also referred to as Internet marketing or digital marketing. Unlike traditional marketing, where the offline aspect played a major role, Digital Marketing is fully focused on reaching target groups through the use of online content and advertising.

Which activities fall under digital marketing?

The use of the online world is essential, which means that e-mail marketing, for example, is also classified under Online Marketing. Incidentally, it is not only a collective name for resources such as search engine marketing (Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Advertising), social media marketing, blogging, bannering, affiliate marketing, interactive marketing, viral marketing, email marketing; the online strategy is also classified under Online Marketing. In concrete terms, this means deploying:

Strategic deployment of online marketing

Online marketing has exploded in recent years and is used for the entire Customer Journey; both above the line if below the line. This form of marketing is also ideal for this; all phases that the target group goes through in a purchase process can be served through Online Marketing; from branding to direct sales. You see that the power of online marketing is increasing and that many offline resources are disabled. In more and more cases this also applies to the sales department; many purchases are made directly over the web without the intervention of sellers.

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Immediate Result with online marketing for all phases of Customer Journey

Characteristic of Online Marketing is that immediate results are visible and measurable. In contrast to traditional forms of media, it is immediately possible to see how much an online campaign yields through online technical means. In addition, the web lends itself to direct feedback in the form of:

  • clicks
  • Page views
  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • Event registrations
  • Quote request
  • Purchase product/service
  • Schedule an introductory appointment
  • Number of facebook likes
  • Number of articles/messages forwarded via twitter, facebook. linkedin etc.

This measurability of Online Marketing enables the marketer to immediately provide prospects with tailor-made information or even offering the products or services.

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This form of marketing also lends itself to providing the customer with the right information at the right time in the Customer Journey. And by gaining more insight into the effect of the resources, the marketer is able to offer better, tailor-made information and make better use of marketing budgets.

Tip: Read here which KPIs you can measure as a b2b marketer in Online Marketing and how this works in practice. 

content marketing strategy template

The use of paid online marketing to strengthen owned marketing

Online marketing is often used to strengthen owned resources. Content marketing resources such as blog posts, brand videos, white papers, e-books, recorded webinars or podcasts generate visitors via social media shares, organic findability from search engines and subscribers to channels such as youtube or Linkedin channel followers. It can be interesting to also boost these resources via online marketing and thus generate more reach. Boosting content through online marketing was discussed in 2016 during Inbound by one of HubSpot's founders:

“paid marketing and content marketing go together like bacon and eggs, it is just delicious” Brian Halligan, Founder & CEO HubSpot

What is the disadvantage of digital marketing?

A disadvantage of digital marketing is that you cannot grasp, smell and feel digital assets. Offline assets can thus generate a different kind of effect than digital marketing. Do you sometimes miss channels with digital marketing where the target group is indeed present. Think about certain events. Or the favorite radio and TV programs.

Online Marketing at b2b marketers

At we see more and more marketers believe in a target group-oriented approach in which the wishes of the target group are central. This is reflected in the popularity of Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing. That also means the wishes regarding receiving information. After all, the marketer wants to achieve as much result as possible, but not at the expense of a negative image or a frustrated prospect or customer. More and more companies are also showing Thought Leader be in their field and are therefore a serious discussion partner for their target groups; that's online marketing.

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