Telemarketing in B2B

Definition: Telemarketing or Telephone Acquisition

Telemarketing or telephone acquisition is the sale or promotion of services, goods and ideas by using direct telephone contact.

In B2B cases, telemarketing or telephone acquisition often falls under the following headings:

  • telephone lead generation
  • telephone marketing.

The definition of telemarketing or telephone acquisition is multifaceted. In this article we examine the concept of telemarketing and how this form of marketing plays a role in the current marketing landscape.

Telemarketing or telephone acquisition as a consumer marketing tool

In consumer marketing, telemarketing/telephone acquisition is a tool that has been widely used to sell subscriptions to newspapers or magazines, promote energy providers, or even sell stocks. Many people experience this as annoying. The salespeople are decisive and almost always call at a time when people are at home but are not waiting for such calls. In practice, these are times when people eat, put children to bed or enjoy their evening. It is a means that can indicate a lot of resistance.

Boiler rooms & advanced conversation techniques

There is also a lot of abuse of telemarketing/telephone acquisition. The well-known boiler rooms are an example of this. These are call centers that can also be removed quickly, where many people are called by very decisive salespeople in a short time.

These salespeople are highly motivated to close deals through telephone sales and overwhelm the prospect with advanced conversational techniques. Examples of boiler rooms can be seen in films such as The Wolf of Wall Street.

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Telemarketing/telephone acquisition as a marketing tool in B2B

Bee marketing, telemarketing or telephone acquisition in the B2B environment, some content and a certain level of conversations is desirable, whether or not necessary. A member from the DMU Do not usually be tempted to make an appointment (because that is almost always the goal) and must be convinced by means of concrete arguments and benefits. You see different types of conversations and approaches. Also, the responsibility for telemarketing or telephone acquisition does not always lie in the same place. In some organizations, it is the responsibility of the inside sales department or marketing to call prospects. In other cases, this is a task of sales. There is also a distinction in the type of telemarketing or telephone acquisition. The 'cold' calling of lists, for example, can be assigned to marketing, where calling warm prospects or leads can be a task of sales.

Cold calling for outbound marketing

An important and quite powerful part of B2B campaigns is still telemarketing/telephone acquisition. Results are achieved and become prospects concretely converted into leads. In addition, the marketer often extracts information from the interlocutor that can be of great value to the organization and future marketing actions. Enriching the CRM software is often a secondary objective.

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Cold calling or cold calling companies is a form of outbound marketing in B2B is usually intended to make appointments with prospects. The actual sale of products or services follows in the following phases.

Method of telemarketer

The telemarketer sets to work from a database and tries to reach an agreement, whether or not on the basis of a telemarketing script. Many conversation techniques have been developed to get the highest possible result from calling campaigns. The trick is to make the necessary number of phone calls, maintain enthusiasm and above all not to annoy the prospect.

The latter is difficult, you usually call unannounced and at a time chosen by you (not by the prospect). Moreover, in recent years we have seen a tightening of laws and regulations regarding Cold Calling. And it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to deploy telemarketing campaigns.

Telemarketing Tips

The telemarketer is skilled in attitude, use of language, conversation techniques and use of voice in order to achieve the highest possible result. There are all kinds of tricks to keep a conversation going and increase the chances of scoring. A few in a row:

  • The first 3 to 6 seconds in a conversation are worthless. How often should you repeat your name when calling a company? No matter how clear you are, these first seconds fall away in a kind of concentration dip. It may help to just wait once it's recorded until you really have the attention and then start your introduction.
  • A positive attitude radiates through the phone, and so does a smile.
  • By asking open-ended questions, you keep the conversation going and avoid clinchers like β€œno.”
  • Keep the product in the pocket; you're selling the deal, not the product.
  • Avoid using diminutives and negative words such as 'not' and 'none'.
  • Use your confidence.

Legislation and rules regarding telephone acquisition

First of all, the organization and the telemarketer must comply with the Telecommunications Act. This law states the following:

Ask Occasion Question

It is mandatory the occasional question after indicating the commercial purpose (the introduction of the conversation). The Do not call register and the Right to object must also be respected and offered. There is also the Telemarketing Code.

Code Telemarketing

There is a Code Telemarketing, drawn up by a number of parties within the Direct Marketing world and telemarketing companies to prevent consumer annoyances. It's not legislation. An important governing body in this regard is the DDMA. On this site you will find more information, including the Telemarketing Code:

Article & books on telemarketing:

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  1. 28 Apr 2016

    Thanks for your article. I find a lot of legislation on telemarketing towards consumers, but little in the B2B relationship. Is b2b telemarketing allowed? And if so, under what conditions?



    • 28 Apr 2016

      That's right. The Telemarketing Code has been drawn up with a view to telemarketing towards consumers, more precisely: β€œCertain entrepreneurs, such as freelancers and partners in a general partnership, can also unsubscribe from telephone sales via the do not call register. Legal entities such as BVs, NVs and associations and foundations fall outside the scope of the Telemarketing Code”. I think we can go a long way with decency standards. The Inbound Marketing purists will say: 'just stop calling, make sure they call you with good content'.

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